Transport Compliance PRO

WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation is mandatory for individuals and organisations that:

  • Operate B-Double or Road Train Configurations; or
  • Operate Truck & Trailer combinations over 42.5 tonnes gross mass; or·
  • Require more than four single trips (oversize or overmass) per calendar year; or·
  • Operate under concessional loading scheme; or·
  • Require an annual Main Roads Permit or Notice; or·
  • Operate a RAV exceeding a width of 2.5 metres; or·
  • Operate a RAV exceeding a height of 4.3 metres; or·
  • Operate a RAV exceeding a length of 19 metres; and·
  • Operators who perform, transport tasks for hire or reward


Accreditation does not apply to:

  • Buses
  • Special purpose vehicles (SPV)
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Vehicles that have a gross mass (GVM)of eight tonne or less
  • Recreational Boat Trailers

Benefits of Accreditation

Operator accreditation will improve compliance with Transport laws through a complementary reduction in the on-road enforcement for operators who can demonstrate a high degree of assured compliance. Major benefits of accreditation will be an enhanced image for the transport industry as one that is safe and responsible, with high professional standards. Further benefits include:

  • Improvements in safety

  • Quality assured compliance

  • Consistent standards

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Improved community confidence

  • Preservation of the road infrastructure

  • Increase in the productivity of the transport industry through adoption of sound management practices


Auditors must be registered with RABQSA as certified Heavy Vehicle auditors. Main Roads WA will monitor the performance of the operators. A fee will be charged for operators on becoming accredited and on renewal.

Main Roads WA will meet costs relating to enforcement and triggered audits, but all other costs must be borne by the operator. Main Roads WA retains the right to charge triggered audit costs to the operator.

Accreditation Standards – Mandatory Modules

Fatigue Management
Maintenance Management
Dimension & Loading Management

Accreditation Standards – Optional Module

Mass Management


For more information, view or download the following documents:

WAHVA Business Rules