Transport Compliance PRO

The scheme allows heavy vehicle operators to demonstrate, through audit of their compliance management systems, that their vehicles and drivers comply with regulatory standards. By doing this, operators may gain access to some variation from conventional compliance and enforcement practices.

Accreditation to one or more modules of the scheme is intended to increase transport efficiency by reducing the costs of compliance and allowing Scheme Members greater flexibility in the management of their Transport Business.

The long term objectives of the scheme are to:

Improve efficiency for Scheme members by reducing the impact of conventional regulatory enforcement.

Raise levels of compliance for non accredited operators through effective deployment of enforcement resources

Improve road safety; and

Increase the productivity of the transport industry through adoption of good management by responsible operators.

The scheme has also been used as a basis for the granting of regulatory concessions to operators who can demonstrate compliance with road transport legislation and to allow higher mass limits (HML) to be introduced in a responsible way.

The scheme offers Maintenance Management, Mass Management and Fatigue Management modules.

For more information, view or download the NHVAS Guide and NHVAS Business Rules here.