Transport Compliance PRO

Standard 1: Responsibilities

The authorities, responsibilities and duties of all positions involved in the management, operation, administration, participation and verification of the Mass Management System are current, clearly defined and documented.

Standard 2: Vehicle Control

All vehicles nominated by the operator must be operated in accordance with the Mass Management System.

Standard 3: Vehicle Use

The vehicle mass must be determined by weighing or by a method of assessment prior to departure, and must allow for any variation.

Standard 4: Records and documentation

Documented evidence must be maintained to demonstrate the effective operation of the Mass Management System.

Standard 5: Verification

The weight of the vehicle and load must be verified to produce an auditable record.

Standard 6: Internal Review

The Mass Management System must be subject to annual internal review to verify all results and activities comply with the system’s policies, procedures and instructions.

Standard 7: Training and Education

The persons who hold a position of responsibility under the Mass Management System are trained and familiar with the specific policy, procedure and instruction they are to carry out.

Standard 8: Maintenance of Suspension

All vehicles subject to Mass Accreditation, including trailers supplied by other parties, must have their suspension systems maintained and replaced according to manufacturer’s specification and taking into account the ARTSA Air Suspension Code.

Your Checklist for NHVAS Accreditation