Transport Compliance PRO

Operators participating in this module must be able to demonstrate their vehicles are never loaded beyond the relevant mass limits.

Mass Management Accreditation encourages heavy vehicle operators to take more responsibility for loading their trucks correctly and ensuring their trucks are not overloaded. It helps you to manage your business more efficiently, partly because you will have clear procedures for ensuring your trucks are not overloaded, and partly because there will be reduced risk of penalties arising from mass offences. It should also lead to greater road safety. 

If you are an accredited operator you must ensure your vehicles are well maintained so they meet all relevant safety standards.


·               The benefits to operators can include:

·               improvements in productivity and efficiency;

·               correct loading of vehicles the first time, with consequent savings;

·               increased vehicle life and lower maintenance cost;

·               meeting duty of care responsibilities;

·               improved driver morale;

·               better relationships with enforcement agencies; and

·               reduced impact of enforcement.

·               Extra Payload depending on combination of vehicle

Benefits to the community include better and more consistent compliance with road safety standards by heavy vehicle operators and preservation of the road asset.

If you are an accredited operator, you must know what your trucks weigh when they are loaded to ensure they do not exceed the relevant mass limits.

You need to keep a record of the loaded weight for each trip so you can prove the trucks were within relevant mass limits. It is up to you to decide how you are going to prove your vehicles’ weight when they are loaded.

You could use a weighbridge, on-board scales; estimate the weight from the volume of the load or a combination of methods. The important thing is that you write down the method you use, and explain how it works. This will be your Mass Management System.

To stay accredited you need to have documents which prove your method works and your trucks are not overloaded. In part, this means keeping your records of vehicle weights. You must also be able to prove you always follow your written procedures.

Performance standards have been developed to ensure everyone in the scheme has achieved the same standard of compliance.