Transport Compliance PRO

Standard 1: Daily Check

The Maintenance Management System must include a Daily Check for each vehicle when it is in use.

Standard 2: Fault Recording and Reporting

The Maintenance Management System must ensure that provision is made to record and report vehicle faults on both the hauling and the trailing equipment.

Standard 3: Fault Repair

The Maintenance Management System provides for the identification, assessment and action on reported faults.

Standard 4: Maintenance Schedules and Methods

The Maintenance Management System must include periodic maintenance schedules with identified service periods that describe the tasks to be completed.

Standard 5: Records and Documentation

Documented evidence must be maintained to demonstrate the effective operation of the Maintenance Management System.

Standard 6: Responsibilities

The authorities, responsibilities and duties of all positions involved in the management, operation, administration, participation and verification of the Maintenance Management System are current, clearly defined and documented.

Standard 7: Internal Review

The Maintenance Management System must be subject to annual internal review to verify that all   results and activities comply with the system’s policies, procedures and instructions.

Standard 8: Training and Education

The persons who hold a position of responsibility under the Maintenance Management System are trained in and familiar with the specific policy, procedure and instruction they are to carry out.

Standard 9: Fuel Quality (fuel tax credit only)

Fuel purchased for use in the vehicle must be obtained from a reputable supplier and when stored, the facilities must be properly designed and maintained to prevent fuel contamination and deterioration.

Your Checklist for NHVAS Accreditation