Transport Compliance PRO

Maintenance Management Accreditation encourages heavy vehicle operators to take more responsibility for servicing their vehicles regularly and ensuring their vehicles are safe at all times. It helps you manage your business more efficiently, partly because you will have clear procedures for ensuring your vehicles are well maintained, and partly because there will be reduced down time associated with breakdowns and annual inspections. It should also lead to greater road safety.

The benefits to an operator can include:

  • Pit exceptions from QLD Transport for all vehicles listed in the NHVAS Maintenance Scheme

  •  improvements in productivity and efficiency;

  •  improved skills and accountability of drivers and mechanics;

  •  reduced vehicle down time;

  • greater confidence in the condition of the firm’s vehicles;

  •  increased vehicle life and lower maintenance costs;

  • improved driver morale;

  • better relationships with enforcement agencies;

  • reduced impact of enforcement; and

  • improved safety.

Benefits to the community include better and more consistent compliance with road safety standards.

If you are an accredited operator you must ensure your vehicles are well maintained so they meet all relevant safety standards.

You need to keep a record of the maintenance and servicing work done to each vehicle so you can prove the vehicles are safe at all times.

You need to ensure all accredited vehicles comply with the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation 1999 and the relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs). These contain mandatory requirements for the safe design, construction and maintenance of heavy vehicles.

It is up to you to decide how you are going to maintain your vehicles and prove adherence to the standards. The important thing is that you write down the method you use, and explain how it works. This will be your Maintenance Management

To stay accredited, you need to have documents that prove your method works and your vehicles are well maintained. In part, this means keeping records of all maintenance schedules and repairs. You must also be able to prove you always follow your written procedures.

Performance standards have been developed to ensure that everyone in the scheme has achieved the same standard of compliance.