Transport Compliance PRO

The new laws include three work hours options, linked to safety, that an operator can choose from to suit your business.

Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) brings a genuine risk management approach to managing fatigue, rather than prescribing work and rest hours. It offers more flexible hours than Standard Hours or Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) in return for the operator demonstrating greater accountability for managing fatigue risks. Under AFM drivers may be allowed to split their continuous rest break for more flexibility.

To access this scheme an operator must be NHVAS AFM accredited and comply with ten (10) AFM Standards including scheduling and rostering, operating limits, readiness for duty, health, management practices, workplace conditions, fatigue knowledge and awareness, responsibilities, records and documentation and internal review.

Once again, refer to the NTC [National Transport Commission] information bulletins, (NTC website, or your State Authority web site for more information