Transport Compliance PRO

Welcome to Transport Compliance Solutions (TCS)

TCS - Transport Compliance Solutions is a Queensland owned and based company, extensively involved in the development and implementation of alternative compliance schemes such as the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS),

TCS understands the unique requirements of the transport industry and has the systems, experience and knowledge to assist operations regardless of fleet size or operation.


TCS has been involved in the transport industry at all levels, for more than 30 years, and is a industry leader in the development and implementation of systems designed to meet State and Federal compliance requirements within the transport logistical chain.

TCS provides a complete service, working with you to ensure that your compliance requirements are met and that the users can clearly understand and operate the system without concern.  We can assist you to establish a basic system or design, develop and implement a system tailored to your business requirements.

TCS has assisted many companies and individuals to develop their procedures to meet NHVAS compliance requirements.

Our implementation support includes

  • A detailed and comprehensive Policy and Procedure Manual which will form the nucleus of the Accreditation Administration function.

  • Full scheme induction training for all persons that will operate under or administer the documentation and Internal Review process.

  • Support for the accreditation administration staff, when required to conduct Internal Reviews or Quarterly Compliance Review process.

  •  A customer assistance ‘Help Function’ to assist with the smooth transition into the Accreditation Scheme;

In addition to our core business of developing and implementing alternative compliance schemes, TCS also provides the following services

  • NHVAS Management Systems: Mass, Maintenance and Fatigue

  •  Design and Develop Driver Handbooks

  • Driver Training and Assessments

  • RABQSA Certified and NHVR Approved Auditors

  • WA Accreditation

  •  Trucksafe Accreditation

  •  ** Training delivered in partnership with Transport Compliance Training Solutions Pty Ltd (RTO ID number 45376)

  •  All courses are Nationally Recognised

  •  TLIF0005 –Apply a Fatigue Risk Management System

  •  TLIF0006 –Administer a Fatigue Risk Management System

  •  TLIF0001 – Apply Chain of Responsibility Legislation, Regulations and Workplace Procedures

  •  TLIF0002 - Administer Chain of Responsibility Policies and Procedures

  •  TLIF0003 - Develop and Implement Policies & Procedures to ensure Chain of Responsibility Compliance

  •  TLIA1001 - Secure Cargo

  •  TLID2004 - Load and Unload/goods